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Andy Lau Tak-wah (born 27 September 1961) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer, actor, presenter, and film producer. Lau has been one of Hong Kong's most commercially successful film actors since the mid-1980s, performing in more than 160 films while maintaining a successful singing career at the same time.

For his contributions, a wax figure of Lau was unveiled on 1 June 2005 at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. He also entered into Guinness World Records for "Most Awards Won by a Cantopop Male Artist". By April 2000, he had already won a total unprecedented 292 awards.

Birth Date
Age 57
Tai Po, Hong Kong
  • Actor
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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2020 Shock Wave 2 Hong Kong Actor 0.00
2019 The White Storm 2: Drug Lords China, Hong Kong Actor 0.00
2019 Cold War III Actor 0.00
2017 Chasing the Dragon Hong Kong, China Lee Rock Actor 0.00
2017 Shock Wave China, Hong Kong Cheung J.S. Actor 0.00
2017 The Adventurers China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong Dan Zhang Actor 0.00
2016 Railroad Tigers China Little boy's father Actor 0.00
2016 The Bodyguard Hong Kong, China Li Zheng-Jiu Actor 0.00
2016 From Vegas To Macau III Hong Kong Michael Actor 0.00
2016 Mission Milano Hong Kong, China Sir Sampan Hung Actor 0.00
2015 Saving Mr. Wu China Mr. Wu Actor 0.00
2015 Lost and Love China, Hong Kong Lei Zekuan Actor 0.00
2015 Our Times Taiwan Himself Actor 0.00
2013 Switch China Xiao Jinhan Actor 0.00
2013 Firestorm Hong Kong, China Inspector Lui Actor 0.00
2013 Blind Detective China, Hong Kong Chong Si Teun / Johnston Actor 0.00
2012 Cold War Hong Kong Philip Luk Ming-wah Actor 0.00
2011 A Simple Life Hong Kong Roger Actor 0.00
2011 What Women Want China Sun Zigang Actor 0.00
2011 Beginning of the Great Revival China Cai E Actor 0.00
2011 Shaolin China, Hong Kong General Hou Jie Actor 0.00
2010 Future X-Cops Hong Kong, Taiwan Kidd Zhou/Zhou Zhihao Actor 0.00
2010 Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Hong Kong, China Detective Dee Actor 0.00
2007 Protégé Hong Kong Lin Quin Actor 0.00
2007 Brothers Hong Kong Chief Inspector Lau Actor 0.00
2006 My Mother is a Belly Dancer Hong Kong Adili Actor 0.00
2006 I'll Call You Hong Kong Muscle guy / Warden 333 Actor 0.00
2005 Wait 'Til You're Older Hong Kong Kwong Actor 0.00
2004 Yesterday Once More Hong Kong Mr. To Actor 0.00
2004 House of Flying Daggers China, Hong Kong Leo Actor 8.00
2004 Magic Kitchen Hong Kong Chun Yao Actor 0.00
2004 McDull, Prince de la Bun China McBing (voice) Actor 0.00
2004 Jiang Hu Hong Kong Hung Yan Chiu Actor 0.00
2003 Running on Karma China, Hong Kong Big Actor 0.00
2003 Golden Chicken 2 Hong Kong Andy Lau, 2046 HK Chief Executive Actor 0.00
2003 Cat and Mouse Hong Kong Zhan Zhao Actor 0.00
2003 Infernal Affairs III Hong Kong Senior Inspector Lau Kin Ming Actor 0.00
2002 Golden Chicken Hong Kong Andy Lau Actor 0.00
2002 Infernal Affairs Hong Kong Inspector Lau Kin Ming Actor 0.00
2002 Fat Choi Spirit Hong Kong Andy Actor 0.00
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File Hong Kong Wesley Actor 0.00
2001 Dance of a Dream Hong Kong Namson Lau Actor 0.00
2001 Fulltime Killer Hong Kong Lok Tok-Wah Actor 0.00
2001 Love on a Diet Hong Kong, Japan Fatso Actor 0.00
2000 The Duel Hong Kong Cool-Son Yeh Actor 0.00
2000 Needing You... Hong Kong Andy Cheung / The Cupid Express Actor 0.00
2000 A Fighter's Blues Hong Kong Mong Fu Actor 0.00
1999 Prince Charming Wah Dee Actor 0.00
1999 The Conmen in Vegas Hong Kong King Actor 0.00
1999 Running Out of Time Hong Kong Mr Cheung Actor 0.00
1999 Century of the Dragon Fei-Loong Actor 0.00
1998 The Conman Hong Kong King Actor 0.00
1998 A True Mob Story Hong Kong Wai Cheung-Dee Actor 0.00
1997 Island of Greed Hong Kong Captain Fong Gwok-Fai Actor 0.00
1997 Armageddon Dr. Tak Ken Actor 0.00
1997 Cause We Are So Young Hong Kong Man at outdoor cafe Actor 0.00
1996 Shanghai Grand Hong Kong Ding Lik Actor 0.00
1996 A Moment of Romance III Hong Kong Lau Tin-Wai Actor 0.00
1996 Thanks for Your Love Hong Kong Wa Actor 0.00
1996 What a Wonderful World Hong Kong San Chung Wa Actor 0.00
1995 The Adventurers Hong Kong Wai Lok-Yan / Mandy Actor 0.00
1995 Full Throttle Hong Kong Joe Jiang Actor 0.00
1994 A Taste of Killing and Romance Hong Kong Ko Shao (The Judge) Actor 0.00
1994 Tian Di Hong Kong Cheung Ye Pang Actor 0.00
1994 Drunken Master III China, Hong Kong Yeung Kwun Actor 0.00
1994 The Legend of Drunken Master Hong Kong Counter Intelligence Officer Actor 10.00
1994 The Three Swordsmen Hong Kong Sam Siu / Smiling Sam Actor 0.00
1993 Days of Tomorrow Hong Kong Shing Actor 0.00
1993 Perfect Exchange Hong Kong Mandy Chin Actor 0.00
1993 Future Cops Hong Kong Tit Min/Vega Actor 0.00
1992 Gun n' Rose Hong Kong Andy Actor 0.00
1992 Saviour of the Soul II Hong Kong Ching Yan Actor 0.00
1992 Casino Tycoon II Hong Kong Benny Ho Hsin Actor 0.00
1992 Arrest the Restless Hong Kong Lee Rock [cameo][uncredited] Actor 0.00
1992 The Sting Hong Kong Simon Tam Actor 0.00
1992 Lee Rock III Hong Kong Lee Rock Actor 0.00
1992 Gameboy Kids Wong Kau-Tai Actor 0.00
1992 Moon Warriors Hong Kong Ah Fei Actor 0.00
1992 Handsome Siblings Hong Kong Fishy Actor 0.00
1992 Casino Tycoon Hong Kong Ho Hsin/Benny Actor 0.00
1992 The Prince of Temple Street Prince Twelve/Lu Lo Actor 0.00
1991 The Last Blood Hong Kong Bee Actor 0.00
1991 Zodiac Killers Hong Kong Ben Li Actor 0.00
1991 Saviour of the Soul Hong Kong Ching Actor 0.00
1991 Dances with Dragon Hong Kong Lung Ka-Chun Actor 0.00
1991 The Tigers Hong Kong Thief / Lau Chi-Ming Actor 0.00
1991 Tricky Brains Hong Kong Chi Man-Kit Actor 0.00
1991 Casino Raiders II Hong Kong Chicken Feet Actor 0.00
1991 Hong Kong Godfather Koo Siu York Actor 0.00
1991 Lee Rock Hong Kong Lee Rock Actor 0.00
1991 Lee Rock II Hong Kong Chief Sergeant Major Lee Rock Actor 0.00
1991 Don't Fool Me Hong Kong Hero Wah Actor 0.00
1990 A Moment of Romance Hong Kong Wah Dee Actor 0.00
1990 Gangland Odyssey Che Actor 0.00
1990 Kawashima Yoshiko: The Last Princess of Manchuria Hong Kong Fook Actor 0.00
1990 God of Gamblers II Hong Kong Little Knife / Knight of Gamblers Actor 0.00
1990 No Risk, No Gain Hong Kong Big Dee Actor 0.00
1990 Dragon in Jail Hong Kong Henry Tse Actor 0.00
1990 Return Engagement Wah Actor 0.00
1990 Kung Fu Vs. Acrobatic Hong Kong Mo Tak-fai Actor 0.00
1990 Days of Being Wild Hong Kong Tide Actor 0.00
1990 The Fortune Code Hong Kong Wah Actor 0.00
1989 City Kids 1989 Hong Kong Sas/Puppy Actor 0.00
1989 The Romancing Star III Hong Kong Lau Pei Actor 0.00
1989 The Truth - Final Episode Raymond Lau Actor 0.00
1989 Perfect Match Hong Kong Lok Ka Sing Actor 0.00
1989 Proud and Confident Hong Kong Wah Actor 0.00
1989 Little Cop Hong Kong Traffic cop Actor 0.00
1989 News Attack Turbo Actor 0.00
1989 Bloody Brotherhood Cheung Ka-Wah Actor 0.00
1989 The First Time is the Last Time Yung Actor 0.00
1989 China White Hong Kong Adoptive father Actor 0.00
1989 Runaway Blues Hong Kong Lam Kong Actor 0.00
1989 God of Gamblers Hong Kong Michael Chan / Little Knife / Dagger Actor 0.00
1989 Crocodile Hunter Hong Kong Happy Chiu Actor 0.00
1989 Long Arm of the Law III Hong Kong Li Cheung Kong Actor 0.00
1989 Stars & Roses Hong Kong Liou Chi Tsu Actor 0.00
1988 As Tears Go By Hong Kong Ah Wah Actor 0.00
1988 The Crazy Companies Hong Kong Tsui Ting Kwai Actor 0.00
1988 Three Against the World Hong Kong Charlie Chan Actor 0.00
1988 The Romancing Star II Hong Kong Lau Pai Actor 0.00
1988 The Crazy Companies 2 Kwai/Andy Actor 0.00
1988 Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch Hong Kong Han Ming Actor 0.00
1988 The Dragon Family Lung Wah Actor 0.00
1988 Walk on Fire Hong Kong Lau Kwok-Wah Actor 0.00
1988 The Truth Raymond Actor 0.00
1988 In the Blood Wah Actor 0.00
1987 Sworn Brothers Hong Kong Lam Ting Yat Actor 0.00
1987 Tragic Hero Hong Kong Lam Ting Kwok Actor 0.00
1987 Rich and Famous Hong Kong Lam Ting Kwok Actor 0.00
1986 Magic Crystal Hong Kong Andy Lo Actor 0.00
1986 Lucky Stars Go Places Hong Kong Lambo Actor 0.00
1985 The Unwritten Law C P Lau Actor 0.00
1984 Everlasting Love Hong Kong Eric Actor 0.00
1983 Home at Hong Kong Hong Kong Alan Wong Wai-Lun Actor 0.00
1983 On the Wrong Track Hong Kong Paul Actor 0.00
1982 Once Upon a Rainbow Hong Kong Trainee Actor 0.00
1982 Boat People Hong Kong To Minh Actor 0.00

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