Aoi Miyazaki

Japanese Actress Aoi Miyazaki

Career Timeline

Aoi Miyazaki is a japanese film actress started her career with feature film Eureka in 2000. As actor, Aoi has so far worked in more than 42 films. Miyazaki is best known for her work in The Boy and the Beast (2015) and The Summit: A Chronicle Of Stones to Serenity (2009).
Birth Date
Age 33
Tokyo, Japan
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies

Top Earning Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2017 The Last Recipe Japan Chizu Yamagata Actor 0.00
2016 If Cats Disappeared from the World Japan postman's first love Actor 0.00
2016 Rage Japan Aiko Maki Actor 0.00
2015 The Boy and the Beast Japan Kyuta (young, voice) Actor 0.00
2014 The Chart of Love Japan Haruna Kurihara Actor 0.00
2014 The Vancouver Asahi Canada, Japan Tokoyo Sasaya Actor 0.00
2013 Yellow Elephant Japan Aiko Tsumari Actor 0.00
2013 Petal Dance Japan Jinko Actor 0.00
2013 Dawn of a Filmmaker: The Keisuke Kinoshita Story Japan Narrator / School teacher Actor 0.00
2013 The Great Passage Japan Kaguya Hayashi Actor 0.00
2012 Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer Japan En Murase Actor 0.00
2012 Wolf Children Japan Hana (voice) Actor 0.00
2012 A Chorus of Angels Japan Yuka Actor 0.00
2011 In His Chart Japan Haruna Kuriharai Actor 0.00
2011 Chronicle of My Mother Japan Actor 0.00
2011 Happy Together: All About My Dog Japan Mika Actor 0.00
2011 My SO Has Got Depression Japan Haruko Takazaki Actor 0.00
2010 Colorful Japan Shoko Sano (voice) Actor 0.00
2010 Solanin Japan Meiko Inoue Actor 0.00
2010 Here Comes the Bride, My Mom! Japan Tsukiko Morii Actor 0.00
2009 The Summit: A Chronicle Of Stones to Serenity Japan Hatsuyo Shibazaki Actor 0.00
2008 Children of the Dark Japan Keiko Otowa Actor 0.00
2008 Brass Knuckle Boys Japan Kanna Kurita Actor 0.00
2008 Flowers in the Shadow Japan Hisako / Naruko Actor 0.00
2007 Bloody Snake Under the Sun Japan Actor 0.00
2007 Sad Vacation Japan Kozue Tamura Actor 0.00
2007 Virgin Snow South Korea, Japan Nanae Sasaki Actor 0.00
2006 First Love Japan Misuzu Actor 0.00
2006 Umi de no hanashi Kaede Fukino Actor 0.00
2006 Su-ki-da Japan Yu - young Actor 0.00
2006 Origin: Spirits of the Past Japan Toola (voice) Actor 0.00
2006 Heavenly Forest Japan Shizuru Satonaka Actor 0.00
2005 Nana Japan Nana Komatsu (Hachi) Actor 0.00
2005 All About My Dog Japan Mika Actor 0.00
2005 Synesthesia Japan Mari Michiki Actor 0.00
2005 My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? Japan Hana Actor 0.00
2004 Loved Gun Japan Actor 0.00
2004 A Blue Automobile Japan Konomi Saeki Actor 0.00
2003 Lovers' Kiss Eriko Kawana Actor 0.00
2002 Tomie: Forbidden Fruit Japan Tomie Hashimoto Actor 0.00
2001 Harmful Insect Japan Sachiko Kita Actor 0.00
2000 Eureka Japan, France Kozue Tamura Actor 0.00

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