Boaz Davidson

Israeli Actor Boaz Davidson

Career Timeline

Boaz Davidson is a israeli film director started career with feature film Charlie And A Half in 1974. Davidson is best known for work in Charlie And A Half (1974), Festival At The Poolroom (1975), Lemon Popsicle (1978), Going Steady (1979) and Hot Bubblegum (1981).
Birth Date
Age 75
Tel Aviv, Palestine [now Israel]
  • Director
  • Writer
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
1986 Alex Is Lovesick Israel Director, Writer 0.00
1984 Baby Love Germany, Israel Writer 0.00
1983 Private Popsicle Germany, Israel Director, Writer 0.00
1981 Hot Bubblegum Germany, Israel Writer, Director 0.00
1979 Going Steady Germany, Israel Director, Writer 0.00
1978 Lemon Popsicle Israel Director, Writer 0.00
1975 Festival At The Poolroom Israel Director 0.00
1974 Charlie And A Half Israel Director 0.00

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