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Brian Russell De Palma is an American film director and writer. In a career spanning over 40 years, he is probably best known for his suspense and crime thriller films, including such box office successes as Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Scarface, The Untouchables, and Mission: Impossible.

Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, De Palma worked repeatedly with actors Jennifer Salt, Amy Irving, Nancy Allen (his wife from 1979 to 1983), Gary Sinise, John Lithgow, William Finley, Charles Durning, Gerrit Graham, cinematographers Stephen H. Burum and Vilmos Zsigmond (see List of noted film director and cinematographer collaborations), set designer Jack Fisk, and composers Bernard Herrmann and Pino Donaggio. De Palma is credited with fostering the careers of or outright discovering Robert De Niro, Jill Clayburgh, John C. Reilly, John Leguizamo, Andy Garcia and Margot Kidder.

Birth Date
Age 78
Newark, New Jersey, USA
  • Director
  • Writer
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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2019 Domino Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain Director 6.00
2012 Passion France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom Director, Writer 0.00
2002 Femme fatale Switzerland, France Director, Writer 0.00
1996 Mission: Impossible United States Director 0.00
1993 Carlito's Way United States Director 0.00
1987 The Untouchables United States Director 0.00
1984 Body Double United States Director, Writer 0.00
1983 Scarface United States Director 0.00
1981 Blow Out United States Director, Writer 0.00
1980 Dressed to Kill United States Director, Writer 0.00
1976 Carrie United States Director 0.00
1972 Sisters United States Director, Writer 0.00

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