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Hong Kong Actress Charlie Yeung

Career Timeline

Charlie Yeung Choi-Nei, sometimes spelled Charlie Young, is a Chinese film actress and singer. She was first noticed after appearing in a jewellery commercial with Aaron Kwok. Since then she has participated in the music videos of artists such as Hacken Lee, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jacky Cheung and made a number of films, most famously with Tsui Hark (The Lovers, Love in the Time of Twilight, Seven Swords) and Wong Kar-wai (Ashes of Time, Fallen Angels).

She retired at the height of her career in 1997, but has since returned in 2004 in New Police Story.

Birth Date
Age 45
Hong Kong
  • Actor
  • Director
Film Industry

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Top Earning Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2019 Cold War III Phoenix Leung Actor 0.00
2016 Cold War II China, Hong Kong Phoenix Leung Actor 0.00
2014 Kung Fu Jungle Hong Kong, China Detective Luk Yuen-Sum Actor 0.00
2013 Christmas Rose Hong Kong Director 0.00
2012 Floating City Hong Kong Tai Actor 0.00
2012 Cold War Hong Kong Phoenix Leung Actor 0.00
2011 Sleepwalker Hong Kong Au Bik Kee Actor 0.00
2010 Wind Blast Sun Jing Actor 0.00
2006 After This Our Exile Hong Kong Lee Yuk-lin Actor 0.00
2004 New Police Story China, Hong Kong Sun Ho Yee Actor 0.00
1997 Task Force Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1997 Downtown Torpedoes Hong Kong Sam Actor 0.00
1997 The Wedding Days Hong Kong Janet Lee Actor 0.00
1997 Intimates Hong Kong Foon Actor 0.00
1996 Dr. Wai in the Scriptures with No Words Hong Kong Yvonne / Yan Yan Actor 0.00
1995 Fallen Angels Hong Kong Charlie Actor 0.00
1995 Love in the Time of Twilight Hong Kong Yan-Yan Actor 0.00
1995 High Risk Hong Kong Joyce Actor 0.00
1994 What Price Survival Hong Kong Hsiao-Lian Actor 0.00
1994 Ashes of Time Hong Kong, Taiwan Girl with mule Actor 0.00
1993 Future Cops Hong Kong Choy-Nei/Shizuka Actor 0.00

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