Ezzat El Alaili

Egyptian Actor Ezzat El Alaili

Career Timeline

E’zzat Hassan al-A’laly Hassan was born in the “Bab al-Sha’riyah” district of Cairo. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Theater Studies in 1960. E’zzat is married and has a son named Mahmoud who works as a dentist. He also has a daughter named Ragaa. Ragaa has a degree in law and is married. In his early stages, art was something of a dream for E’zzat as he had four sisters for whom he was responsible seeing as his father had passed away. He thereafter made his way into art and performed in several TV series an example of which is “A’bd Allah al-Nadeem”. Amongst the stage productions in which E’zzat has assumed leading roles are “Dimaa a’la Malabis al-Sahra” (“Blood on the Evening Gown”) and “Ahlan ya Bakwat”. E’zzat has also written several plays amongst which are “Thawrat al-Madina” (“The City’s Revolt”) and “Al-Touffan” (“The Flood”). E’zzat al-A’laly has received numerous awards and has also performed in Algerian and Lebanese cinema. He is considered a unique acting talent who can give lively depictions of any character he is asked to portray, no matter how diverse. His natural talents and build have helped him in his career. E’zzat can be observed in excellent form in “al-Ard” (“The Earth”), “al-Ikhtiyar” (“The Choice”), “al-Muwattin al-Masry” (“The Egyptian Citizen”) and “el-Sekka Matt” (“El-Sekka is Dead”).

Birth Date
Age 84
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2018 Diamond Dust Egypt Mahrous Bergas Actor 0.00
1991 The Egyptian Citizen Egypt Actor 0.00
1986 The Collar and the Bracelet Bakhet / Moustafa Actor 0.00
1981 Al-qadisiya Actor 0.00
1981 People on the Top Egypt Mohamed Fawzi Actor 0.00
1979 Alexandria… Why? Egypt Shaker Actor 0.00
1977 The Water Carrier Died Al-saqqa Actor 0.00
1970 The Choice Egypt Actor 0.00
1969 The Land Egypt Abd El-Hadi Actor 0.00

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