Fan Bingbing 范冰冰

Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰)

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Fan Bing Bing is a Chinese actress, television producer and pop singer.

Fan rose to fame in East Asia in 1998–1999 with the mega-hit TV series My Fair Princess. In 2003, she starred in Cell Phone, which became the highest-grossing Chinese film of the year, and received critical acclaim at the Hundred Flowers Award. Since then, she has starred in many films, most notably The Matrimony (2007), Lost in Beijing (2007), Buddha Mountain (2011) and Double Xposure (2012), where she received awards from prestigious award ceremonies such as the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Eurasia International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Beijing College Student Film Festival and Huading Awards. Fan has also participated in many foreign-language films, such as the French film Stretch (2011), the Korean film My Way (2011) and the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Birth Date
Age 38
Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
  • Actor
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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2017 Sky Hunter China Zhao Yali Actor 0.00
2017 The Lady in the Portrait France, China Empress Ulanara Actor 0.00
2016 League of Gods China, Hong Kong Daji Actor 0.00
2016 Skiptrace China, Hong Kong, United States Samatha Bai Actor 0.00
2016 L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties China Guishan Lian Quan Actor 0.00
2016 I Am Not Madame Bovary China Li Xuelian Actor 0.00
2015 Lady of the Dynasty China Yang Gui Fei Actor 0.00
2015 Ever Since We Love China Liu Qing Actor 0.00
2014 The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom China Lian Nishang Actor 0.00
2013 One Night Surprise China Michelle Actor 0.00
2012 Lost in Thailand China, Thailand Herself Actor 0.00
2012 Double Xposure China Song Qi Actor 0.00
2011 Shaolin China, Hong Kong Madam Hou Actor 0.00
2011 My Way South Korea Shirai Actor 0.00
2010 Buddha Mountain China Nanfeng Actor 0.00
2010 Kung Fu Hip Hop 2 Hong Kong Actor 0.00
2010 Sacrifice China Mrs. ZhuangJi Actor 0.00
2010 Future X-Cops Hong Kong, Taiwan Meili/Milli Actor 0.00
2010 Chongqing Blues China Zhu Qing Actor 0.00
2009 Bodyguards and Assassins China Yuet-yu Actor 0.00
2008 Kung Fu Hip-Hop Hong Kong Tina Actor 0.00
2007 Sweet Revenge Cheung Yung Actor 0.00
2007 Flash Point Hong Kong Julie Actor 0.00
2005 A Chinese Tall Story Hong Kong, China Princess Xiaoshan Actor 0.00
2004 The Twins Effect II Hong Kong Red Vulture Actor 0.00
2002 The Lion Roars Actor 0.00

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