Fung Ging-Man

Hong Kong Actor Fung Ging-Man

Career Timeline

Fung Ging-Man is a hong kong film actor started his career with feature film Big Brother Cheng in 1975. As actor, Fung has so far worked in more than 30 films. Ging-Man is best known for his work in The Young Dragons (1975), Big Brother Cheng (1975), Brotherhood (1976), Bruce's Fingers (1976) and The Hunter, the Butterfly and the Crocodile (1976).
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Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
1988 Who Is The Craftiest Kang's family member Actor 0.00
1987 Golden Swallow Hong Kong Pimp Actor 0.00
1987 Magnificent Warriors Hong Kong Uncle Lung Actor 0.00
1987 The Haunted Cop Shop Hong Kong Uncle Wah Actor 0.00
1987 Return of the Demon Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1986 New Mr. Vampire Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1986 Pom Pom Strikes Back Hong Kong Cemetry agent Actor 0.00
1985 Let's Have a Baby Chor Liao Heung Actor 0.00
1984 Pom Pom Hong Kong Mahjong player Actor 0.00
1984 The Other Side of Gentleman Hong Kong Alan's father Actor 0.00
1984 Shanghai Blues Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1984 Heaven Can Help Hong Kong Millionaire Wong Actor 0.00
1981 Treasure Hunters Hong Kong Casino dealer Actor 0.00
1981 Lion vs. Lion Hong Kong Casino manager Actor 0.00
1981 The Imp Hong Kong Secuirty manager Actor 0.00
1980 The Young Avenger Actor 0.00
1980 Super Power Hong Kong Master Fung Actor 0.00
1980 Lackey and the Lady Tiger Hong Kong Mr Hwang Actor 0.00
1979 The Four Invincibles Actor 0.00
1979 The Story of the Drunken Master Hong Kong Uncle Kau Actor 0.00
1978 Drunken Master Hong Kong Li Wan-Hao Actor 9.00
1978 Funny Kung Fu Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1978 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow Hong Kong Teacher Chui Actor 8.00
1977 The Four Shaolin Challengers Hong Kong Casino banker Actor 0.00
1977 The Discharged Hong Kong Chicken Chopper Actor 0.00
1976 The Hunter, the Butterfly and the Crocodile Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1976 Bruce's Fingers Hong Kong Gangster Ku Actor 0.00
1976 Brotherhood Hong Kong Liao's Big Brother Actor 0.00
1975 The Young Dragons Hong Kong Boss Yu Actor 0.00
1975 Big Brother Cheng Hong Kong Boss Lui Actor 0.00