Gordon Liu 劉家輝

Hong Kong Actor Gordon Liu (劉家輝)

Career Timeline

Gordon Liu is a Cantonese film actor and martial artist. He became famous for playing the lead role of San Te in The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and its sequels. He also played kung fu master Pai Mei in Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004), and Johnny Mo in Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003), the head general of the Crazy 88, O-Ren Ishii's (Lucy Liu) personal army. Some fans call him the "Master Killer" after the alternate title to The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. He is also known to Indian fans as "Hojo", from Warner Bros' first Bollywood movie, Chandni Chowk to China.

Birth Date
Age 68
Guangdong, China
  • Actor
Known for
Film Industry

Top Movies

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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2012 Nightfall Hong Kong Retired CID officer Actor 0.00
2012 Painted Skin: The Resurrection China Actor 0.00
2011 High Kickers Zhao Yumin Actor 0.00
2011 Love in Space Hong Kong Mr. Chen Actor 0.00
2011 Flying Swords of Dragon Gate China Eunuch Wan Yulou Actor 0.00
2010 True Legend China Old Sage Actor 0.00
2009 Chandni Chowk To China India Hojo Actor 0.00
2008 Citizen King Hong Kong Actor 0.00
2006 Shaolin vs. Evil Dead 2: Ultimate Power Chau Yau Actor 0.00
2005 A Chinese Tall Story Hong Kong, China Jade Emperor Actor 0.00
2003 Kill Bill: Vol. 1 United States Johnny Mo Actor 0.00
2003 Star Runner South Korea, Hong Kong Coach Lau Actor 0.00
1999 Heaven of Hope Hong Kong Coffin Leung Actor 0.00
1994 The Shaolin Kids in Hong Kong Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1994 Drunken Master III China, Hong Kong Gov. Li Actor 0.00
1994 Treasure Hunt Hong Kong Abbot Hung Chi Actor 0.00
1993 The Kung Fu Scholar Excellency Actor 0.00
1993 Legend Of The Liquid Sword Hong Kong Shaolin Monk Actor 0.00
1993 Last Hero in China Hong Kong Master Liu Heung Actor 7.00
1992 Cheetah On Fire Hong Kong Mainland gang leader Actor 0.00
1992 Passionate Killing in the Dream Chit-Chit Actor 0.00
1990 The Fortune Code Hong Kong Japanese Commander in blue Actor 0.00
1989 Killer Angels Hong Kong Michael Actor 0.00
1989 Ghost Ballroom Chau Actor 0.00
1989 My Heart Is That Eternal Rose Hong Kong Liu Actor 0.00
1989 The Challenge of Master Killer Hong Kong Detective Actor 0.00
1988 Tiger on the Beat Hong Kong Fai, the Hitman Actor 0.00
1985 Crazy Shaolin Disciples Hong Kong Monk Wu Qing Actor 0.00
1985 Disciples of the 36th Chamber Hong Kong Monk San Te Actor 0.00
1985 The Young Vagabond Hong Kong Beggar Su Chan Actor 0.00
1985 The Two Jolly Cops Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1984 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Hong Kong Yang No. 5 Actor 0.00
1983 Shaolin & Wu Tang Hong Kong Hung Jun-kit Actor, Director 0.00
1983 Tales of a Eunuch Hong Kong Emperor/Siu Yuen Tzu Actor 0.00
1983 The Lady Is the Boss Hong Kong Lee Hon Man Actor 0.00
1982 Godfather from Canton Hong Kong Actor 7.00
1982 Shaolin Drunken Monk Hong Kong Lao Chung Actor 0.00
1982 Cat vs. Rat Hong Kong Emperor Yang Xi Actor 0.00
1982 Legendary Weapons of China Hong Kong Ti Tan Actor 7.00
1981 Treasure Hunters Hong Kong Monk Wu Sun Actor 0.00
1981 Martial Club Hong Kong Wong Fei Hung Actor 8.00
1981 My Young Auntie Hong Kong James Actor 9.00
1980 Shaolin Warrior Fa Tien Actor 0.00
1980 Shaolin vs. Vampire Hong Kong, Japan Daiyu Actor, Director 0.00
1980 Return to the 36th Chamber Hong Kong Chou Chun Chi Actor 7.00
1980 The Clan of the White Lotus Hong Kong Hung Wei Ting Actor 7.00
1979 Dirty Ho Hong Kong 11th Prince, Wang Chin Chen Actor 9.00
1979 Fists and Guts San Actor 0.00
1978 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Hong Kong Liu Yu-De / Monk San Ta Actor 10.00
1978 Heroes of the East Hong Kong Ho Tao Actor 8.00
1976 Challenge of the Masters Hong Kong Wong Fei Hung Actor 7.00

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