Guo Tao 郭涛

Chinese Actor Guo Tao (郭涛)

Career Timeline

Guo Tao (郭涛) is a chinese film actor started his career with feature film To Live in 1994. As actor, Guo has so far worked in more than 18 films. Tao is best known for his work in Mr. Nian (2016).
Birth Date
Age 49
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies

Top Earning Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2019 Desire Game China Actor, Director 0.00
2017 Our Time Will Come China, Hong Kong Mao Dun Actor 0.00
2016 I Am Not Madame Bovary China Actor 0.00
2016 Mr. Nian 大东 Actor 0.00
2015 The Dead End China Yang Zidao Actor 0.00
2015 Dad's Holiday China Actor 0.00
2014 Coming Home China Actor 0.00
2013 7 Assassins China Liu Aotian Actor 0.00
2013 Blind Detective China, Hong Kong Szeto Fatbo Actor 0.00
2012 Million Dollar Crocodile China Wang Beiji / Useless Wang Actor 0.00
2012 White Deer Plain China Lu Zhaopen Actor 0.00
2012 Guns and Roses China Crazy Dad Actor 0.00
2011 The Law Of Attraction China Wang Yong Actor 7.00
2010 Don Quixote Tang Fanghai Actor 0.00
2010 City Monkey He Youqing Actor 0.00
2007 Kidnap Hong Kong Mr. Wang Sam Actor 0.00
2006 2 Become 1 Hong Kong Mr. Chan Actor 0.00
1994 To Live China, Hong Kong Chunsheng Actor 0.00

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