Huo Jianqi

Chinese Actor Huo Jianqi

Career Timeline

Huo Jianqi is a Chinese film director. Like the cinematographer turned director Gu Changwei, Huo Jianqi began his cinematic career in the art department. Nearly all of Huo's films have been written by his wife and collaborator, Qiu Shi, who works under the name "Si Wu." Unlike many of his contemporaries (and predecessors), Huo rarely has had issues with the Chinese government regarding his films, leading some western critics to label him the "darling director of China's film bureaucracy."

Birth Date
Age 61
Beijing, China
  • Director
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2019 Lost in love China Director, Writer 0.00
2016 Xuan Zang India, China Director 0.00
2015 Love in the 1980s China Director 0.00
2012 Falling Flowers China Director 0.00
2009 Snowfall in Taipei Japan, Taiwan, China Director 0.00

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