Ichirô Sugai

Japanese Actor Ichirô Sugai

Career Timeline

Ichirô Sugai is a japanese film actor started his career with feature film One Wonderful Sunday in 1947. Sugai is best known for his work in One Wonderful Sunday (1947), Stray Dog (1949), Early Summer (1951), The Life of Oharu (1952) and The Crucified Lovers (1954).
Birth Date
Age 66
Kyōto, Kyōto Prefecture, Japan
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
1966 Gamera vs. Barugon Japan Dr. Matsushita Actor 0.00
1956 Darkness at Noon Japan Lawyer Yamamoto Actor 0.00
1955 The Wolves Japan Actor 0.00
1954 The Crucified Lovers Japan Gembei Actor 0.00
1954 Sansho the Bailiff Japan Minister of Justice Actor 0.00
1952 The Life of Oharu Japan Shinzaemon, Oharu's Father Actor 0.00
1951 Early Summer Japan Shukichi Mamiya Actor 0.00
1949 Stray Dog Japan Yayoi Hotel owner Actor 0.00
1947 One Wonderful Sunday Japan Yamiya, the black-marketeer Actor 0.00

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