Jason Pai Piao

Hong Kong Actor Jason Pai Piao

Career Timeline

Jason Pai Piao is a hong kong film actor started his career with feature film The Four Shaolin Challengers in 1977. As actor, Jason has so far worked in more than 28 films. Pai is best known for his work in The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977), Funny Kung Fu (1978), My Darling Gals (1978), Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog (1978) and The Dragon and the Tiger Kids (1979).
Birth Date
Age 73
中国香港, Hong Kong
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2015 Wong Ka Yan Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1996 King of Robbery Hong Kong Officer Chu Actor 0.00
1992 Fatal Chase Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1991 Angel Terminators 2 Hong Kong Bao Actor 0.00
1990 Killer's Romance United Kingdom, Hong Kong Siu Yuk-Long Actor 0.00
1989 Darkside of Chinatown Lung Actor 0.00
1986 Bloody Sorcery Hong Kong Mak Long Actor 0.00
1986 The Haunted Madam Hong Kong Sha Yan Wong Actor 0.00
1985 The Young Vagabond Hong Kong Liang Hang Actor 0.00
1985 Disciples of the 36th Chamber Hong Kong Governor Actor 0.00
1985 Pursuit of a Killer Hong Kong Inspector Wang Actor 0.00
1984 Long Road to Gallantry Hong Kong Li Sai Nan's Uncle Actor 0.00
1984 Secret Service of the Imperial Court Hong Kong Yu Hualong Actor 0.00
1983 Demon of the Lute Hong Kong Wandering Hermit/Demon of the Lute Actor 0.00
1983 Men from the Gutter Hong Kong Zi Jian Actor 0.00
1983 Shaolin Intruders Hong Kong Qiao Yiduo Actor 0.00
1983 The Lady Assassin Hong Kong Min Geng Yiu Actor 0.00
1983 Portrait in Crystal Hong Kong Long Fei Actor 0.00
1983 Holy Flame of the Martial World Hong Kong Ku Pan Kuai Actor 0.00
1982 Curse of Evil Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1982 Gang Master Hong Kong Li Ta-Hung Actor 0.00
1981 Notorious Eight Hong Kong Mr. Lin Actor 0.00
1980 Heroes Shed No Tears Hong Kong Sze Ma Chao Chun Actor 0.00
1979 The Dragon and the Tiger Kids Tiger's teacher Ching Wan-Li Actor 0.00
1978 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog Hong Kong Smiling Tiger Actor 0.00
1978 Funny Kung Fu Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1978 My Darling Gals Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1977 The Four Shaolin Challengers Hong Kong Liang Kuan Actor 0.00

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