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Jérémie Renier (born 6 January 1981) is a Belgian actor. He lives in Paris, France. His film debut was in the critically praised La Promesse (1996), directed by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne. He became better known to worldwide audiences in Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) and L'Enfant (2005). The latter was also directed by the Dardenne brothers.

Birth Date
Age 38
Brussels, Belgium
  • Actor
Film Industry

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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2019 Frankie France Paul Actor 0.00
2017 Double Lover Belgium, France Paul Actor 0.00
2016 The Unknown Girl Belgium, France Bryan's father Actor 0.00
2014 Saint Laurent France Pierre Bergé Actor 0.00
2012 White Elephant Argentina, Spain Nicolás Actor 0.00
2012 My Way France Claude François Actor 0.00
2011 The Kid with a Bike Belgium, France, Italy Guy Actor 0.00
2010 Trophy Wife France Laurent Pujol Actor 0.00
2008 Summer Hours France Jérémie Actor 0.00
2008 Lorna's Silence Belgium, Germany, France, Italy Claudy Actor 0.00
2008 In Bruges United Kingdom, United States Eirik Actor 0.00
2007 Private Property Belgium, France, Luxembourg Thierry Actor 0.00
2006 Dikkenek Belgium, France Greg Actor 0.00
2005 The Child Belgium, France Bruno Actor 0.00
2001 The Pornographer Canada, France Joseph Actor 0.00
2001 Brotherhood of the Wolf France Thomas d'Apcher Actor 0.00
1999 Criminal Lovers France Luc Actor 0.00
1996 The Promise Belgium, Tunisia, France, Luxembourg Igor Actor 0.00

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