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Kara Hui Ying-hung (born 3 February 1960), also romanized as Kara Wai Ying Hung, is a Hong Kong actress of Manchu ethnicity. Known to the international audience for her kung-fu roles in Shaw Brothers Studio films in the 1970s and 1980s, Kara Hui has since portrayed a wide range of roles on screen and on television with much success. In 1982, she became the first recipient of the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress. Her portrayal of a mother in the 2009 film At the End of Daybreak won her acting awards at theHong Kong Film Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, Changchun Film Festival, Pacific Meridian, Asian Film Awards andGolden Horse Awards.

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Age 59
  • Actor
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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2019 My Best Summer China Yu Huai's mother Actor 0.00
2018 Tracey Actor 0.00
2018 House of the Rising Sons Hong Kong Actor 0.00
2017 77 Heartbreaks Hong Kong Eva's mother Actor 0.00
2017 The Mysterious Family China Actor 0.00
2017 The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful Taiwan Actor 0.00
2016 Finding Mr. Right 2 China Ling Actor 0.00
2016 Mrs K Hong Kong, Malaysia Mrs. K Actor 0.00
2016 Happiness China, Hong Kong Auntie Fen Actor 0.00
2015 Daughter Hong Kong Sharon Actor 0.00
2014 The Midnight After Hong Kong Sister Ying Actor 0.00
2013 Rigor Mortis China, Hong Kong Yeung Feng Actor 0.00
2013 The Fox Lover China Actor 0.00
2013 Mid-Night Train China Actor 0.00
2013 The Wedding Diary 2 Malaysia, Singapore Allison Chan Actor 0.00
2013 Control China, Hong Kong Jen Actor 0.00
2013 7 Assassins China Actor 0.00
2012 Blood Stained Shoes China Zhen Jie Fu Actor 0.00
2012 Diva Hong Kong Actor 0.00
2012 The Wedding Diary Singapore, Malaysia Allison Chan Actor 0.00
2011 Dragon Hong Kong, China Shi San Liang Actor 0.00
2011 Turning Point 2 Hong Kong Sa Po Yau Actor 0.00
2011 Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu China Actor 0.00
2011 A Chinese Ghost Story Hong Kong, China Lou Lou Actor 0.00
2010 Kung Fu Wing Chun Hong Kong, China Master Ng Mui Actor 0.00
2008 Legendary Assassin Hong Kong Boss Actor 0.00
2005 A Chinese Tall Story Hong Kong, China Cool Ping Actor 0.00
2003 Night Corridor Hong Kong Ying Hung Wai Actor 0.00
2003 The Park Thailand, Hong Kong Master Yu Actor 0.00
2001 Visible Secret Hong Kong Mother of June & Little Chung Actor 0.00
1993 Madam City Hunter Hong Kong Siu-Hung Actor 0.00
1992 The Inspector Wears Skirts IV May Actor 0.00
1992 Angel Terminators Hong Kong Hon Actor 0.00
1991 The real me Actor 0.00
1991 The Roar of the Vietnamese Actor 0.00
1990 Never Say Regret Actor 0.00
1990 Brave Young Girls Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1990 Raid on Royal Casino Marine May Actor 0.00
1990 That's Money Hong Kong Bette Actor 0.00
1990 Stage Door Johnny Hong Kong Boss Tsui Yen Hsieh Actor 0.00
1989 Burning Ambition Hong Kong Chau Siu-Hong Actor 0.00
1989 The Inspector Wears Skirts II May Actor 0.00
1989 Widow Warriors Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1989 They Came to Rob Hong Kong Hong Kong Supt Shang Actor 0.00
1988 The Dragon Family Wai's wife Actor 0.00
1988 Rouge Hong Kong Actress Portraying Ghost Actor 0.00
1988 The Inspector Wears Skirts Hong Kong May Actor 0.00
1987 Happy Go Lucky Hong Kong Jackie Actor 0.00
1986 Rosa Hong Kong Lei Kung's sister Actor 0.00
1986 Naughty Boys Hong Kong Ah Chuan Actor 0.00
1985 Journey of the Doomed Hong Kong Monkey Lin Actor 0.00
1984 Three Stooges Go Undercover Hong Kong Feng Actor 0.00
1984 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Hong Kong Yang No. 8 (as Ying Hung Wai) Actor 0.00
1984 Double Decker Hong Kong Cat Actor 0.00
1984 Long Road to Gallantry Hong Kong Li Sai Nan Actor 0.00
1984 New Tales Of The Flying Fox Hong Kong Miss Yuan Actor 0.00
1984 The Return of Pom Pom Hong Kong Mimi Actor 0.00
1984 Family Light Affair Ah Yin Actor 0.00
1983 Demon of the Lute Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1983 The Lady Is the Boss Hong Kong Chan Mei Ling Actor 0.00
1982 Lovers Blades Hong Kong Siu Gai Bao Actor 0.00
1982 Cat vs. Rat Hong Kong Jien Yu Lan Actor 0.00
1982 Buddha's Palm Hong Kong Qiu Yu Juan Actor 0.00
1982 Legendary Weapons of China Hong Kong Fang Shao Ching Actor 7.00
1981 My Young Auntie Hong Kong Cheng Tai-Nan Actor 9.00
1981 Martial Club Hong Kong Wang Juying Actor 8.00
1980 Return to the 36th Chamber Hong Kong Hsiao Hung Actor 7.00
1980 The Clan of the White Lotus Hong Kong Mei Ha Actor 7.00
1979 The Deadly Breaking Sword Hong Kong Xiaoqin Actor 0.00
1979 The Tigress of Shaolin Hong Kong Xiao Hong Actor 0.00
1979 Dirty Ho Hong Kong Tsui Hung Actor 9.00
1979 Mad Monkey Kung Fu Hong Kong Chan Tsuei Hung Actor 0.00

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