Keiko Matsuzaka

Japanese Actress Keiko Matsuzaka

Career Timeline

Keiko Matsuzaka is a japanese film actress started her career with feature film Gate of Youth in 1981. As actor, Keiko has so far worked in more than 30 films. Matsuzaka is best known for her work in Gate of Youth (1981), Fall Guy (1982), The Rage of Love (1988), Water Moon (1989) and The Sting of Death (1990).
Birth Date
Age 67
Ōta, Tokyo, Japan
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2018 The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps Japan Actor 0.00
2017 Legend of the Demon Cat Japan, China Bai Ling Actor 0.00
2015 Blowing in the Winds of Vietnam Japan, Vietnam Misao Sasho Actor 0.00
2013 GARO and the Wailing Dragon Japan Judam Actor 0.00
2012 Take the A Train Japan Minori Hokuto Actor 0.00
2012 Tug of War! Japan Yoko Nishikawa Actor 0.00
2009 Instant Swamp Japan Midori Jinchoge Actor 0.00
2009 Honokaa Boy Japan Edeli Actor 0.00
2008 Osaka Hamlet Japan Fusaka Kubo Actor 0.00
2008 Tombstone of the Fireflies Japan Widow Actor 0.00
2007 The Signs of Love Japan Yoko Miyamoto Actor 0.00
2007 Glory to the Filmmaker! Japan Actor 0.00
2007 Glory to the Filmmaker! Japan Actor 0.00
2006 The Inugamis Japan Takeko Inugami Actor 0.00
2006 Waru Japan Actor 0.00
2005 Miracle in Four Days Japan Actor 0.00
2004 Colour Blossoms Hong Kong Madam Umeki Actor 0.00
2004 Runin: Banished Japan Actor 0.00
2003 The Boat to Heaven Japan Setsuko Ishida Actor 0.00
2001 The Happiness of the Katakuris Japan Terue Katakuri Actor 8.00
2000 Sakuya: Slayer of Demons Japan Queen of ground spider Actor 0.00
2000 Pinch Runner Japan Ayumi's Mother Actor 0.00
1998 Ping Pong Bath Station Japan Actor 0.00
1998 Dr. Akagi Japan Tomiko Actor 0.00
1993 Tora-san's Matchmaker Yoko Actor 0.00
1990 The Sting of Death Japan Miho Actor 0.00
1989 Water Moon Japan Actor 0.00
1988 The Rage of Love Japan Sumako Matsui Actor 0.00
1982 Fall Guy Japan Konatsu Actor 0.00
1981 Gate of Youth Japan Tae Ibuki Actor 0.00

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