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Kim In-kwon is a korean film actor started his career with feature film Rainbow Trout in 1999. As actor, Kim has so far worked in more than 26 films. In-kwon is best known for his work in Tidal Wave (2009) and The Himalayas (2015).
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Age 41
Busan, South Korea
  • Actor
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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2018 Too Hot to Die South Korea Byung-nam Actor 5.00
2016 The Map Against the World South Korea Ba-Woo Actor 0.00
2015 The Himalayas Nepal, South Korea Park Jeong-bok Actor 0.00
2014 Apostle South Korea Cheolho Ju (주철호) Actor 0.00
2014 The Divine Move South Korea Tricks Actor 0.00
2014 Tazza: The Hidden Card South Korea Heo Gwang-chul Actor 0.00
2013 Born To Sing South Korea Bong Nam Actor 0.00
2012 Masquerade South Korea Captain Do Actor 0.00
2012 The Tower South Korea Byeong-man Actor 0.00
2012 Almost Che South Korea Kang Dae-oh Actor 0.00
2011 Quick South Korea Kim Myung-Sik Actor 0.00
2011 My Way South Korea Jong-dae Actor 0.00
2010 He's on Duty South Korea Bang Tae Shik / Banga Actor 0.00
2010 Haunters South Korea Loan Shark Actor 0.00
2009 Tidal Wave South Korea 오동춘 (Dong-chun) Actor 0.00
2009 Secret Seok-jun Actor 0.00
2007 Miss Gold Digger South Korea Kim Yun-cheol Actor 0.00
2007 My Father South Korea Shin Yo-sup Actor 0.00
2004 Love So Divine South Korea Shin Sun-dal Actor 0.00
2004 Once Upon a Time in High School South Korea Jiksae Actor 0.00
2003 Plastic Tree South Korea Soo Actor 0.00
2003 A Letter From Mars South Korea Ho-gul Actor 0.00
2001 My Wife Is a Gangster South Korea Banse Actor 0.00
2000 The Anarchists 상구 Actor 0.00
1999 Peppermint Candy South Korea Sergeant Lee Actor 0.00
1999 Rainbow Trout South Korea Tae-joo Actor 0.00

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