Kim Kkobbi

Korean Actress Kim Kkobbi

Career Timeline

Kim Kkobbi is a korean film actress started her career with feature film Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater in 2006. As actor, Kim has so far worked in more than 16 films. Kkobbi is best known for her work in Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater (2006), Breathless (2009), Ashamed (2010), Be with Me (2010) and The King of Pigs (2011).
Birth Date
Age 33
Bucheon, South Korea
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2018 The March for the Lost South Korea Actor 0.00
2016 Tsumugu mono Japan Yona Actor 0.00
2015 In the Room Hong Kong, Singapore Actor 0.00
2014 Greatful Dead Japan Soo-Young Actor 0.00
2014 The Liar Ayoung Actor 0.00
2014 A Record of Sweet Murder Journalist Kim So-Yeon Actor 0.00
2013 Rough Play South Korea Jeonju festival VIP Actor 0.00
2013 Sunshine Boys South Korea Mi-yeon Actor 0.00
2012 A Pale Woman Japan Actor 0.00
2012 Pluto South Korea Jeong Soo-jin (정수진) Actor 0.00
2011 The House South Korea Ga-yeong (voice) Actor 0.00
2011 The King of Pigs South Korea Young Jeong Jong-seok Actor 0.00
2010 Be with Me South Korea Nam-Hee Actor 0.00
2010 Ashamed South Korea Kang Ji Woo Actor 0.00
2009 Breathless South Korea Yeon-hee Actor 0.00
2006 Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater South Korea Seong Sodan / Gang Shim-deok Actor 0.00

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