Leonid Yarmolnik

Russian Leonid Yarmolnik

Career Timeline

Leonid Isaakovich Yarmolnik is a Soviet and Russian actor and film producer.

Birth Date
Age 65
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies

Top Earning Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2016 Night Guards Russia Mayor Gamayun Actor 0.00
2013 Love and the City 3 Russia, Ukraine Otets Igorya Actor 0.00
2013 Hard to Be a God Russia Don Rumata Actor 0.00
2012 We Are Family Russia, United States Bronislav Actor 0.00
2011 The Real Tale Russia Koschei the Deathless / Boris Koshcheev Actor 0.00
2010 Love and the City 2 Russia Отец Игоря Actor 0.00

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