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Maggie Cheung Man yuk (born 20 September 1964) is a Hong Kong actress. Raised in England and Hong Kong, she has over 70 films to her credit since starting her career in 1983. Some of her most commercially successful work was in the action genre, but Cheung once said in an interview that of all the work she has done, the films that really meant something to her are Song of the Exile, Center Stage, Comrades: Almost a Love Story and In the Mood for Love. As Emily Wang in Clean, her last starring role to date, she became the first Asian actress to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Cheung's native language is Cantonese, but she is multilingual, having learned to speak English, Mandarin and French.

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Age 54
Hong Kong
  • Actor
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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2004 Clean United Kingdom, France, Canada Emily Wang Actor 0.00
2004 2046 Germany, Hong Kong, China, France, Italy Su Li-Zhen Actor 0.00
2002 Hero China Flying Snow Actor 8.00
2000 In the Mood for Love China, Hong Kong Su Li-Zhen Actor 0.00
1996 Irma Vep France Herself Actor 0.00
1996 Comrades: Almost a Love Story Hong Kong Lee Kiu Actor 0.00
1994 Ashes of Time Hong Kong, Taiwan Feng's sister-in-law Actor 0.00
1993 The Eagle Shooting Heroes Hong Kong Imperial Master Actor 0.00
1993 The Mad Monk Hong Kong Nine Lives Whore Actor 0.00
1993 Boys Are Easy Hong Kong Ching Siu Nam Actor 0.00
1993 The Heroic Trio Hong Kong Chat Actor 7.00
1993 The Enigma of Love Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1993 Green Snake Hong Kong Green Snake Actor 0.00
1993 Kin chan no Cinema Jack Japan, Hong Kong, Australia Actor 0.00
1993 The Bare-Footed Kid Hong Kong Miss Ho Actor 0.00
1993 First Shot Hong Kong Solicitor Annie Ma Actor 0.00
1993 Executioners Hong Kong Chat Actor 7.00
1993 Millionaire Cop Jacky Chuck Actor 0.00
1993 Holy Weapon Hong Kong Princess Tin Heung Actor 0.00
1993 Flying Dagger Hong Kong Flying Cat Actor 0.00
1992 Twin Dragons Hong Kong Barbara Actor 0.00
1992 All's Well, Ends Well Hong Kong Ho Yok 'Holiyok' Actor 0.00
1992 Moon Warriors Hong Kong Mo Xian Er Actor 0.00
1992 New Dragon Gate Inn Hong Kong Gam Seung Yuk Actor 0.00
1992 Heart Against Hearts Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1992 Police Story 3: Supercop Hong Kong May Actor 8.00
1991 Will of Iron Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1991 The Perfect Match Hong Kong Ms Kim/Carrie Actor 0.00
1991 Today's Hero Annie Actor 0.00
1991 Center Stage Hong Kong, United States Ruan Ling-yu / Herself Actor 0.00
1990 Song of the Exile Hong Kong, Taiwan Actor 0.00
1990 Heart Into Hearts Hong Kong Joe Actor 0.00
1990 The Dragon from Russia Hong Kong May Yip Actor 0.00
1990 Days of Being Wild Hong Kong Su Li-zhen Actor 0.00
1990 Farewell China Hong Kong Li Hong Actor 0.00
1990 Red Dust Hong Kong, Taiwan Yueh-Feng Actor 0.00
1989 My Dear Son Hong Kong Chow Fung Actor 0.00
1989 In Between Loves Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1989 Doubles Cause Troubles Hong Kong Zhu Ying Tai Actor 0.00
1989 The Iceman Cometh Hong Kong Polla Actor 0.00
1989 Hearts, No Flowers Hong Kong Ms. Tsang Actor 0.00
1989 The Bachelor's Swan Song Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1989 A Fishy Story Hong Kong Ms Huang Actor 0.00
1988 Call Girl '88 Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1988 Mother Vs Mother Hong Kong Betty Actor 0.00
1988 Police Story 2 Hong Kong May Actor 8.00
1988 Paper Marriage Hong Kong Jade Li Actor 0.00
1988 Moon, Star and Sun Hong Kong May/Chu Actor 0.00
1988 Love Soldier of Fortune Hong Kong So See Dai Actor 0.00
1988 How To Pick Girls Up! Hong Kong Fanny Actor 0.00
1988 Double Fattiness Diana Actor 0.00
1988 As Tears Go By Hong Kong Ah Ngor Actor 0.00
1988 The Beloved Son of God Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1988 Last Romance Hong Kong Nancy Cheung Actor 0.00
1987 Heartbeat 100 Hong Kong Maggie Cheung Actor 0.00
1987 The Romancing Star Hong Kong Tung Tung Actor 0.00
1987 Seven Years Itch Hong Kong Jogger in park Actor 0.00
1987 You're My Destiny Japan, Hong Kong Driver of white sports car [cameo] Actor 0.00
1987 Project A II Hong Kong Yesan Actor 9.00
1987 Sister Cupid Hong Kong Yuk Actor 0.00
1986 The Seventh Curse Japan, Hong Kong, China Tsui Hung Actor 0.00
1986 Lost Romance Hong Kong Rose Wong Actor 0.00
1986 Happy Ghost III Hong Kong Tsui Han-Pan / Tsui Kiu Kiu Actor 0.00
1985 Girl with the Diamond Slipper Hong Kong Cheung Man Ju Actor 0.00
1985 Police Story Hong Kong May Actor 10.00
1985 It's a Drink! It's a Bomb! Actor 0.00
1984 Prince Charming Hong Kong Kitty Actor 0.00
1984 Behind the Yellow Line Hong Kong Monica Actor 0.00

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