Mikhail Porechenkov

Russian Actor Mikhail Porechenkov

Career Timeline

Mikhail Porechenkov is a russian film actor started his career with feature film Peculiarities of the National Hunt in the Winter in 2000. As actor, Mikhail has so far worked in more than 13 films. Porechenkov is best known for his work in 9th Company (2005).
Birth Date
Age 50
Leningrad, USSR (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies

Top Earning Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2016 Take the Hit, Kid! Russia Otets Actor 0.00
2014 The Iron Ivan Russia Поддубный Actor 0.00
2014 Gold Russia Еремеев (главная роль, купец) Actor 0.00
2013 What Girls are Silent About Russia Actor 0.00
2013 Marathon Russia Tolik Actor 0.00
2012 Heavenly Judgement Russia Вениамин Шведов Actor 0.00
2012 Fairy Tale. There Is Russia плюшевый мишка Actor 0.00
2012 Mommies Russia Actor 0.00
2011 Bez Muzhchin Russia Actor 0.00
2007 1612: Chronicles of the Dark Time Russia Prince Dmitri Pozharsky Actor 0.00
2006 The Heat Russia Himself Actor 0.00
2005 9th Company Russia, Ukraine, Finland Дэгало Actor 0.00
2000 Peculiarities of the National Hunt in the Winter Russia Пограничник Actor 0.00

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