Olaf Lubaszenko

Polish Actor Olaf Lubaszenko

Career Timeline

Olaf Lubaszenko is a polish film actor started his career with feature film A Short Film About Love in 1988. As actor and director, Olaf has so far worked in more than 14 films. Lubaszenko is best known for his work in A Short Film About Love (1988), Kroll (1991), Sztos (1997), Sekal Has to Die (1997) and Demons of War (1998).
Birth Date
Age 50
  • Actor
  • Director
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2018 Women of Mafia Poland Commander Actor 0.00
2018 Miłość jest wszystkim Poland Jan Actor 0.00
2012 Polish Roulette Poland Director 0.00
2011 Weekend Poland Czeski Actor 0.00
2002 E=mc² Poland Max Kądzielski Actor, Director 0.00
2001 Coyote's Morning Poland Director 0.00
2001 Edges of the Lord United States, Poland Gniecio Actor 0.00
2000 Boys Don't Cry Poland Director 0.00
1999 Operacja Samum Stanisław Kosiński Actor 0.00
1998 Demons of War Poland por. Czacki Actor 0.00
1997 Sekal Has to Die Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovakia Jura Baran Actor 0.00
1997 Sztos Poland Director 0.00
1991 Kroll Poland Marcin Kroll Actor 0.00
1988 A Short Film About Love Poland Tomek Actor 0.00

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