Parvis Parastui

Iranian Parvis Parastui

Parviz Parastui born 24 June 1955 is Iranian actor and singer.

Besides acting in movies and on stage, he is a singer and so far has recorded three Albums. His First album called Daddy (Babai) was released in 2006 and album ( i am Parviz Parastui‎) was released in 2013. latest Album name (I am have a Actor) was released in 2014.

Career beginning

Parviz Parastui had worked in judicature before he became an actor. He began his career by starring in the film (Diyar Lovers). Following Diyar Lovers, He began a long lasting career in films.

Birth Date
Age 64
  • Actor
Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2004 The Lizard Iran Reza Marmoolak Actor 0.00

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