Shu Qi 林立慧

Hong Kong Actress Shu Qi (林立慧)

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Lin Li-hui, better known by her stage name Shu Qi is a Taiwanese actress and model. She has also been credited as Hsu Chi and Shu Kei.

Birth Date
Age 43
Xindian District, Taiwan
  • Actor
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Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
2019 Shanghai Fortress Actor 8.00
2018 The Island China Actor 0.00
2017 The Adventurers China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong Red Actor 0.00
2017 The Village of No Return Taiwan, China Autumn Actor 0.00
2017 Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back China Duan Xiaojie Actor 0.00
2016 My Best Friend's Wedding China Gu Jia Actor 0.00
2015 Mojin: The Lost Legend China Shirley Yang Actor 0.00
2015 All You Need is Love Taiwan Yeh Fenfen Actor 0.00
2015 The Assassin China, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan Nie Yinniang Actor 0.00
2015 The Last Women Standing China Sheng Ruxi Actor 0.00
2014 Gone with the Bullets China Wanyan Yin Actor 0.00
2014 Bull Brothers Meng Meng [Voice] Actor 0.00
2013 Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons China Miss Duan Actor 0.00
2012 The Second Woman China, Hong Kong Wai Heung / Wai Bo Actor 0.00
2012 Tai Chi Zero China Lu Chan's mother Actor 0.00
2012 Tai Chi Hero China Lu Chan's mother Actor 0.00
2012 Love Taiwan, China Zoe Fang Actor 0.00
2011 A Beautiful Life China, Hong Kong Li Peiru Actor 0.00
2011 10 Plus 10 Taiwan 20) Young woman Actor 0.00
2010 Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen Hong Kong, China Kiki Actor 0.00
2010 If You Are the One 2 China Xiaoxiao Liang Actor 0.00
2010 City Under Siege Hong Kong Angel Chan Actor 0.00
2007 Forest of Death Hong Kong Detective C.C. Ha Actor 0.00
2006 My Wife Is a Gangster 3 South Korea, Hong Kong Lim Aryoung / Lam Ngar Ling Actor 0.00
2005 Home Sweet Home Hong Kong May Cheng Actor 0.00
2004 The Eye 2 Hong Kong, Singapore Joey Cheng Actor 0.00
2003 Looking for Mr. Perfect Hong Kong Grace Actor 0.00
2002 Just One Look Hong Kong Mysterious girl on balcony Actor 0.00
2002 Haunted Office Hong Kong Shan Actor 0.00
2002 The Wesley's Mysterious File Hong Kong Pak Sue Actor 0.00
2002 Women From Mars Hong Kong Messenger of Hell Actor 0.00
2001 Love Me, Love My Money Hong Kong Choi Actor 0.00
2001 Martial Angels Hong Kong Cat Actor 0.00
2001 Beijing Rocks Hong Kong Yang Yin Actor 0.00
2001 Visible Secret Hong Kong June / Wong Siu Kam Actor 0.00
2000 Born to Be King Hong Kong Mei Ling Actor 0.00
2000 Skyline Cruisers Hong Kong June Actor 0.00
2000 For Bad Boys Only Hong Kong Shadow/Kwan Chin/Eleven Actor 0.00
2000 My Name Is Nobody Hong Kong Candy Actor 0.00
1999 My Loving Trouble 7 Julia Actor 0.00
1999 Home in My Heart Taiwan Lai Actor 0.00
1999 Metade Fumaca Hong Kong Ah Nam Actor 0.00
1999 A Man Called Hero Hong Kong Mu Actor 0.00
1999 Gorgeous Hong Kong Bu Actor 0.00
1999 When I Look Upon the Stars Hong Kong Kiki Actor 0.00
1998 The Lucky Guy Hong Kong Law Fon-Fon Actor 0.00
1998 Extreme Crisis Hong Kong Anita Lee Actor 0.00
1998 Young and Dangerous: The Prequel Hong Kong Fei Actor 0.00
1998 The Blacksheep Affair Hong Kong Chan Pun Actor 0.00
1998 Love Generation Hong Kong Hong Kong Joey Actor 0.00
1998 The Storm Riders Hong Kong Muse/Chor Chor Actor 0.00
1998 Portland Street Blues Hong Kong Scarface Actor 0.00
1998 Young and Dangerous 5 Hong Kong Tang Mei Ling Actor 0.00
1998 Bishonen Hong Kong Kana Actor 0.00
1997 Love Is Not a Game, But a Joke Hong Kong Sandy Lee Lai-Shan Actor 0.00
1997 My Dad Is a Jerk Hong Kong Angela Actor 0.00
1997 A Queer Story Little Fai Actor 0.00
1997 L-O-V-E... Love Hong Kong Faye Lok Actor 0.00
1997 The Fruit is Swelling Hong Kong Herself (The Narrator) Actor 0.00
1997 Those Were the Days Hong Kong Siu Fong Fong Actor 0.00
1997 Love: Amoeba Style Hong Kong Boy Actor 0.00
1996 Street Angels Hong Kong Ming-Ming Actor 0.00
1996 Growing Up Hong Kong Maggie Shao Actor 0.00
1996 Till Death Do Us Laugh Hong Kong Yu Wai-Kei Actor 0.00
1996 Viva Erotica Hong Kong Mango Actor 0.00

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