Wong Yu

Hong Kong Wong Yu

Career Timeline

Wong Yu is a hong kong film celebrity started career with feature film The Tea House in 1974. As actor, Wong has so far worked in more than 26 films. Yu is best known for work in The Tea House (1974), Big Brother Cheng (1975), The Last Tempest (1976), Challenge of the Masters (1976) and Dirty Ho (1979).
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Film Industry

Top Movies


Year Movie Country Role Credit Ratings
1991 Spiritually a Cop Actor 0.00
1991 Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues Hong Kong Mr. Hsiong Actor 0.00
1989 Framed Taiwan, Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1985 Girl with the Diamond Slipper Hong Kong Peter Actor 0.00
1985 How to Choose a Royal Bride Hong Kong Wei Xiao Bao Actor 0.00
1985 Crazy Shaolin Disciples Hong Kong Fong Sai Yuk Actor 0.00
1985 The Flying Mr. B Hong Kong Man at restaurant Actor 0.00
1985 The Master Strikes Back Hong Kong He Liu Actor 0.00
1984 Wits of the Brats Hong Kong 3 Hands Actor 0.00
1984 Comedy Little Mouth Actor 0.00
1984 Dress Off for Life Hong Kong Actor 0.00
1983 Tales of a Eunuch Hong Kong Siu Bao/Siu Guei Tzu Actor 0.00
1983 The Lady Is the Boss Hong Kong Ah Yung/Ah Wing Actor 0.00
1982 Mercenaries from Hong Kong Hong Kong Curry Actor 0.00
1982 Kid from Kwangtung Hong Kong He Jiayu Actor 0.00
1982 Winner Takes All Hong Kong Kwan Yuan Cheung Actor 0.00
1981 Challenge of the Gamesters Hong Kong Lei Li Actor 0.00
1981 The Battle for the Republic of China Taiwan, Hong Kong Siu Chat Actor 0.00
1981 Lion vs. Lion Hong Kong Ah Cun Actor 0.00
1981 Notorious Eight Hong Kong Rumor General Actor 0.00
1980 The Young Avenger Actor 0.00
1979 Dirty Ho Hong Kong Dirty Ho Ching Actor 9.00
1976 Challenge of the Masters Hong Kong Master Lin Tao Cheung Actor 7.00
1976 The Last Tempest Hong Kong Eunuch Zhang Jin Xi Actor 0.00
1975 Big Brother Cheng Hong Kong Darkie Wen Actor 0.00
1974 The Tea House Hong Kong Darkie Wen / Blackie Actor 0.00