Bravo, My Life! (2005)

사랑해... 말순씨

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Korean Movie Bravo, My Life! (사랑해... 말순씨) 2005 Poster
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As his sexual awareness increases, Gwang-ho no longer likes the scent of his mother, who wears heavy make-up as she sells cosmetics door-to-door. Eun-sook, an assistant nurse who is the complete opposite of Gwang-ho's mother, becomes the object of all of Gwang-ho's attention and affection. Absorbed in his thoughts, Gwang-ho is oblivious of the news of the presidents death and the picture of the new president replacing the late president in his classroom. Gwang-ho receives a letter of luck and starts sending it to people around him. As those people start vanishing, Gwang-ho is racked with guilt, suspecting the letter of luck is the cause of their disappearance.

Runtime 92 min


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