Bridge of Clouds (2018)


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Burmese Movie Bridge of Clouds (တိမ္တိုက္တံတား) 2018 Poster
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Pann is a doctor assigned to a government hospital in a small town of Shan State. During a stormy night, an unknown patient arrived to the hospital. The patient was seriously injured by hail and also suffered from malaria. After the incident, he didn't remember anything about himself. For the medical record, hospital staff then decided to give him the name That Tant, meaning Rainbow in Burmese. Since That Tant forgot where he came from, he decided to stay at the hospital and help patients and other people. Time has been passed and That Tant became attached to the town which is now his home. At a traditional festival, a tourist took a photo of That Tant dancing in the festival, and uploaded it to a social network. The photo was then found by May, a former friend of That Tant who is living in Australia. May decided to come to Myanmar and search That Tant.

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