Coboy Junior: The Movie (2013)

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It’s a story of Coboy Junior’s (Bastian, Iqbal, Aldi, Kiki) struggle to participate in the biggest singing and dancing competition in Indonesia. The competition is not only the arena to prove oneself as the best but also a crucial process of a coming of age, character-building, and priority-learning for each of the member’s lives. Bastian has to be a figure who strengthens ties among his friends. His dancing skill is an important point. Iqbal has to learn to determine priorities when his father questions his activities. Aldi has to divide his focus between his relationship with Lovely and Coboy Junior’s team spirit. Kiki, meanwhile, has to produce suggestions to advance their group, including when a disaster emerges and threatens his band’s participation in the competition. Their biggest rivals, Superboyz and The Bangs, remain determined to undermine them in every way.

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