Dear Dad (2019)

Дорогой папа

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Vadim Krylov, the owner of a huge trading network, his charm and thoughtful plan help him to find a Chinese investor, ready to become a partner in the company of Vadim, once designed for his mother. A multi-million deal is ready for signing, but an unexpected problem arises. Mom recently died and, it turns out, left a will, where she handed over the shares of the trading network to her granddaughter, his daughter ... which Vadim left when she was 2 years old, and didn’t maintain any relationship with her. Now Vadim must go to his native town, find an ex-wife and daughter and convince them to give up the inheritance of half billion dollars. Vadim is confident that his charm, manipulation, in the end, the money obviously will work here. But in the unexpected game started by Vadim, it turns out that his methods do not work on his family.

Runtime 90 min
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