Idlers of the Fertile Valley (1978)

Οι Τεμπέληδες της Εύφορης Κοιλάδας

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Greek Movie Idlers of the Fertile Valley (Οι Τεμπέληδες της Εύφορης Κοιλάδας) 1978 Poster
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In this black comedy, the men in a lovely mansion slowly give in to a kind of terminal sloth after they are freed from the need to actually work. The father takes to his bed after his hernia acts up and never leaves it. Of his three sons, only one wants to do much about leaving, and he does in fact cross the front threshold of the house with his lover, who is also the maid. However, before he has gotten very far, he is very tired, and goes to sleep where he stands. One of the sons outdoes them all by sleeping literally all the time. He is not in a coma -- he is just very, very lazy and tired. Some critics have viewed this film as a sharply delineated social satire.

Runtime 118 min


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