Ken and Mary: The Asian Truck Express (2013)

Ken to Meri Ameagari no Yozorani

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Japanese Movie Ken and Mary: The Asian Truck Express (Ken to Meri Ameagari no Yozorani) 2013 Poster
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Ken Katakura (Naoto Takenaka) has worked as a salaryman for the past 25 years. He's on his way to Malaysia to stop his daughter's wedding. Unfortunately for Ken, the plane makes an emergency landing in a remote part of Malaysia, far from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur where he needs to go. With only 2 days left until his daughter marries, Ken looks for a way to get to Kuala Lumpur. Ken then comes across an odd Chinese truck driver named "Mary" and, with his help, sets out for Kuala Lumpur.

Runtime 87 min
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