Lake of Death (2019)

De dødes tjern

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Norwegian Movie Lake of Death (De dødes tjern) 2019 Poster
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Lillian's twin brother Bjørn dies a mysterious death alone at the old family cabin. Now, one year later, Lillian and her friends arrive at the cabin to say their goodbyes and finally sell the place. Shortly after their arrival, strange things start happening. Lillian sleepwalks, and her dog disappears. When the group goes swimming, a black mass from the water sticks to their skin. It seems as though someone or something is watching them… The horrific legend of Tore Gruvik, which everyone thought was innocent folklore, becomes reality when one of the group turns up dead. Between the deep dark forests and fjords of Norway, a battle to stay alive begins. Who will drown in the deep bottomless lake, and who will survive?

Runtime 94 min
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