Ninja Drones? (2019)

映画 少年たち

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2012 -- Young men, each with dark histories and criminal records, are incarcerated in a juvenile detention center. Factions form and the rival Red Gang and Blue Gang are constantly fighting as the Black Gang watches for entertainment. Although they are under constant surveillance and lockdown in prison, it's better than what they faced "outside." One day, a newcomer arrives. He doesn't join any group and stays to himself, keeping a diary in solitude. Meanwhile a new warden is hired and his first announcement is that he will tighten control and pound them into shape using violence if necessary, turning prison life into a living hell. The newcomer, who was himself bullied, empathizes with a cellmate who is brutally punished and the two form a bond. Others join them and they share their dreams and aspirations. But as the warden's control intensifies and the boys reach their breaking point, they band together and begin plotting a secret plan…

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