Number 10 Blues Goodbye Saigon (2014)

ナンバーテンブルース さらばサイゴン

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Despite the signing of the Paris Peace Accords and the withdrawal of 540,000 U.S. troops in 1973, the America government kept funding South Vietnamese forces and their war against North Vietnam and Viet Cong spread across the country. Against this backdrop, Japanese businessman Toshio Sugimoto (Yusuke Kawazu) enjoys a leisurely existence, buying seafood in the relatively safe climate of Saigon. After accidentally killing a Vietnamese, his entire existence falls apart. Suddenly stripped of all privileges — from no. 1 to no. 10 — as well as having to put order in his love affair with the beautiful club singer Lan (Lan Tanh) and falling into the Saigon underworld, one mistake at a time, Sugimoto goes into hiding. But soon, hiding isn’t enough. He must flee across a war-torn Vietnam, taking his lover Lan and newfound ally Taro (Kenji Isomura), son of an ex-Japanese soldier and a Vietnamese woman, along for the bumpy ride.

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