Panya Raenu 3 (2013)

ปัญญาเรณู 3 ตอน รูปู รูปี

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Thai Movie Panya Raenu 3 (ปัญญาเรณู 3 ตอน รูปู รูปี) 2013 Poster

Synopsis & Details

This is the third sequel of a That film about northeastern schoolchildren. In this episode, the young kids of a remote village join the local temple on a merit making trip to India. Once there, they get separated from the group. As the Thai boys and girls try to locate their group, they meet several poor Indian children whose lives seem to be much worse than theirs. Friendship and adventure ensue.


  • ปัญญาเรณู 3 ตอน รูปูรูปี [Official TR]
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