Tarkan and the Silver Saddle (1970)

Tarkan Gümüş Eyer

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Tarkan and the Silver Saddle (Tarkan Gümüş Eyer) 1970 Poster
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New altar of a castle and also Atilla the Hun 'which gave him the Silver Saddle' s owner. Costa 's objective of both the Huns than to get rid of both seize this valuable saddle. Left in a cave by the wet nurse draws the attention of a wolf and the wolf small Tarkan taking her nest grew like their puppies. prisoner in the village and kidnap and rescue the crippled Hunan Tulga çocog wolf cage. Years pass ... Tulga, which Tarkan educates and tells her past events. Now avenge Tarkan and Costa 's hands last Atilla' will have the silver saddle. - Translated from Turkish synopsis.

Runtime 81 min


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