The Real Ghosts (2019)


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Thai Movie The Real Ghosts (ช่องส่องผี) 2019 Poster
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The horrors begin with the group of people who like challenging and keen to find out the truth behind things that happen in each moments of life through the character called “Dol”. The story lead to many clues that linked to various places. When “Nicha”, Dol’s girlfriend died. He believed himself to be the cause of it. The trauma was buried deep in his sub-consciousness until one day, when he and his friends travel to see the abandoned house of the customer that wants to renovate it. Somehow, everyone wants to challenge the mysterious setting by using coin to play a “ghost coin” to find information about that house but things has gone the different way from what they expected. The coin has been turned into the medium that lead them to search for answers to all the things that happened there. It brings all of them back to no. 13 house where Dol and Nicha used to go only to see the mysterious photograph that marked with the same symbol as the on in the coin. Dol, who feels like something follow him ever since has that feeling even more when he’s back to house no. 13. In the end, what is the truth about Nicha’s death? Are there any the connection between the mysterious house, room No.733 and Nicha’s death? Was Dol actually involved with all these things?


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